Our History

Making Change,

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We empower some of the most destitute people suffering in silence.

Our Story

Established in 2013, the actual story begun over 20 years ago during a visit to Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasan went to visit a well-known scholar for advice. As they sat and spoke, Sheikh Hasan could not help but notice the poor conditions of the Madrassa. As is custom in the region, he anticipated the Scholar to ask for donations at the end of their conversation. So it surprised him when the Scholar got up and simply left.
Fast forward 15 years. Sheikh Hasan and the esteemed scholar developed a friendship. After a customary conversation, Sheikh Hasan’s interest peaked and so he asked the Scholar the burning question…

“I’ve been coming to see you for over a decade, each time I see the conditions of your Madrassah deteriorating. Why have you not asked me for donations?” The scholar’s eyes welled and he finally opened up. “Since you’ve asked, I will tell you. For over 25 years, there hasn’t been a day where I have not missed a Tahajjud (night prayer) in this very masjid. I asked Allah, ‘Oh Allah, this is Your house. If You want someone to build it, then You build it and send me someone to help build it. I will not ask the people for money.’

Sheikh Hasan was both moved and inspired by the Sheikh’s reliance on Allah, He came back to the UK and by the Grace of Allah raised £100,000. He raised a further £400,000 for a second institute!

Today we continue to support and raise funds to see the completion of this Madrassa. There is still a way to go. It could be you who is the answer to the Scholar’s Dua. Be a part of this legacy.

Our Values

We are committed to those who need help the most, but do not ask for it.


We do our best to identify and support the destitute that suffer in silence. We look to empower them to help them out of poverty


We take great lengths to ensure the delivery of our projects are captured and reported back to you.

Local Charity

We pride ourselves in getting to know the community and identifying some of the most vulnerable members and empower them.

Our Community

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Your Donation

At Help in Need Today, we look to make your pound go further. We know one of the most effective ways of helping people is to provide them the means to help themselves in the future.